Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Elk Of Hiisi

The Elk Of Hiisi, A Black And White Moose

And the head was made of punk-wood,
Horns of naked willow branches,
Feet were furnished by the rushes,
And the legs, by reeds aquatic,
Veins were made of withered grasses,
Eyes, from daisies of the meadows,
Ears were formed of water-flowers,
And the skin of tawny fir-bark,
Out of sappy wood, the muscles,
Fair and fleet, the magic reindeer.

Juntas thus instructs the wild-moose,
These the words of wicked Hiisi:
Flee away, thou moose of Juntas,
Flee away, thou Hiisi-reindeer,
Like the winds, thou rapid courser,
To the snow-homes of the ranger,
To the ridges of the mountains,
To the snow-capped hills of Lapland,
That thy hunter may be worn out,
Thy pursuer be tormented,
Lemminkäinen be exhausted.

Cień Artysty